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Jewish Medical Association of Ontario

Championing and Uniting Jewish Healthcare Professionals Across Ontario

Welcome to the Jewish Medical Association of Ontario (JMAO)

JMAO is a vibrant community of Jewish physicians and healthcare professionals, dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the medical world and beyond. Our journey transcends personal growth, empowering advocacy, unity, and clinical excellence.

Our Vision

To stand at the forefront for Jewish physicians and healthcare professionals, spearheading transformative change, fostering unity and belonging, and empowering collective impact by combatting antisemitism, standing with Israel, and advancing healthcare excellence for all.

Empowering Through Collaboration

Advocacy in Action: We partner with external organizations to foster understanding, champion change, and uphold the rights and dignity of Jewish healthcare professionals and patients.

Celebrating Diversity: We celebrate  the diversity of the Jewish community, of the healthcare communities in which we work, and all of the patients we serve, striving for an environment where every voice contributes to a richer, more inclusive dialogue.

Medical Professional

Join the Movement

Become part of a network where your professional goals align with a greater purpose.
JMAO is not just an association; it's a platform for growth, connection, and making a real difference.

Partners in Progress

We extend an invitation to organizations and individuals who share our vision for a more inclusive and equitable healthcare system. Together, we can be catalysts for transformative change.

Community Events

Engage in meaningful discussions and networking opportunities through our events and forums.

Lend Your Support: Your involvement, whether as a member, ally, or advocate, amplifies our collective voice

Engage and Connect

Latest Updates: Stay informed about our initiatives, achievements, and advocacy efforts.

We're Here to Talk

We value diverse perspectives and constructive dialogue. Reach out to explore collaboration opportunities, share your thoughts, or learn more about our mission.

If you’d like learn more our have any questions, get in touch today.

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